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First looks….. I get a lot of questions from my couples about first looks. Namely, what are they? First looks is a new(ish) idea for couples on their big day. Essentially a first look is where the couple will get a moment prior to their walk down the isle to see each other. First reactions […]

First Looks – Yay or Nay?

I have been shooting weddings for nearly 10 years, and that means I have been to hundreds of venues. While there are so many I absolutely adore for a variety of reasons, the one I have at the top of my list would hands down have to be The Maples in Woodland, Ca. Not only […]

The Maples – Venue Spotlight

My name is Michelle, and I’m a photographer. I avoid the other end of the lens, but have committed to sharing more about who I am and what inspires my photography!

The Ironic Photographer

Engagement photos with your wedding photographer is one of the most important parts of picking your photographer. From why you need one to what you can do with your engagement photos, I break it all down for you here.

Engagement Sessions – And why you need one.

You’ve got the ring, you’ve got the venue. You’ve got the guest list and the photographer (hopefully me!), but now you need your paper goods… How else are you going to get the word out about the marriage of the century!? How else will you remember those friends and family who came to share in […]

Back to basics with Basic Invite

Ok, so 2020…whew. Am I right? I mean, at this point I’m pretty sure that 2020 is the newest 4 letter word. This year has been a challenge for everyone and on so many different levels. From one disappointment to the next it’s been a hard row to hoe, BUT… It’s allowed us to reconnect […]

Elopements – Getting down to the real reason.

  Nothing goes according to plan… That’s just the way life goes isn’t it? You can plan and organize and schedule out your big day, but odds are.. something goes amiss. Your florist gets lost. Your DJ didn’t get the updated playlist for the dance. You lose your rings (yes this has happened). It starts […]


I met Sarah and Scott at a local coffee shop last year and almost instantly I knew they were my kind of people. Scott who also happens to be a big Jeff Goldblum fan took notice of my Jeff sticker on my laptop and the rest is history! Fast forward a few months to their […]

Sarah and Scott – Cielo Winery Engagement

Growing up in her childhood home, Casey loved her backyard. Situated in Sacramento, her backyard consisted of fields, fences and plenty of room to run. So when she got engaged to Sam, they knew the perfect place to tie the knot; her childhood home. It was perfect, plenty of room for friends and family and […]

Casey and Sam – Rainy Day Wedding