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First Looks – Yay or Nay?

February 10, 2021

First looks….. I get a lot of questions from my couples about first looks. Namely, what are they?

First looks is a new(ish) idea for couples on their big day. Essentially a first look is where the couple will get a moment prior to their walk down the isle to see each other.

First reactions to this idea are usually “well no, why would you do that? Aren’t you supposed to see your future spouse for the first time that day as they walk down the isle?”

Yes and No.

While traditionally the idea of not seeing your spouse for the first time dates back to the less than romantic tradition of arranged marriages. It was not uncommon for couples to not only see each other on the day of the wedding, but some never saw each other at all. From my understanding it was to avoid any sort of rebellion from the individuals to be married, or any sort of objection to it.

While arranged marriages aren’t usually how couples are brought together the idea of not seeing one another has stood the test of time. However, more and more couples are tossing that tradition away and opting in for a first look.

Personally I have witnessed tons of first looks and each one I love more than the last. Not only does it give the couple a moment to have to themselves, it gives them a chance to take a deep breath, read some private vows, and really get excited about the adventure they’re about to embark on.

You get a chance to spin around and show off all the hard work and planning you’ve put into your wedding attire that day for your partner. You get a chance to gossip about the days happenings, and really just check in with one another.

Now of course as a photographer, I LOVE LOVE LOVE them for a really selfish reason. Once a couple has done their first look, it typically gives me enough time to capture some of the couple portraits and the wedding party photos! The less we do after the ceremony, the sooner you can get to the party. So once a first look is over, I gather everyone in the wedding party and we bust out as many photos as we can before they have to hide away from the guests.

BUT ..I know, I know..the day isn’t about me and what I want. If you’d like to do a first moment with one another with out seeing each other you can always do the hand hold behind the door. That one is a great photo op and give you a moment together without spoiling the first look down the isle!

First looks or no, your day is about you and your partner, so make sure you make it yours !


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