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The Ironic Photographer

January 25, 2021

Well hello there.

So where to begin. Well, first of all, my name is Michelle and I’m the ironic photographer. I am the photographer who loves people, families, babies, all of it. I’m the photographer that will help you bustle your dress, hold your baby while you mingle. I’ll be the photographer who runs between coordinators and best men. I’m the photographer who will do basically anything it takes to make sure your day goes off without a hitch all while capturing it in all it’s beauty. I am not however the photographer that will take selfies, or by any means put herself in front of a camera at any time. I am not sure what it is, but I have been avoiding that “click” for years. So yes, ironically I love photos, but hate being in them…go figure.

Well, it’s 2021 and it’s time for a change. Instead of being the woman of mystery behind the camera, I’m going to commit to sharing more about who I am, what makes me tick and what inspires my art and photography. I mean after all, if I’m there on one of your most important days, holding your babies, or making your grandma smile, you deserve to know me!

Born and raised in California, I lived most of my life in Paradise, (yes the one that burned down in 2018). I attended Chico State and got married in 2000. After graduating with a degree in Anthropology, I moved to Utah with my husband for a few years. As much as I loved Utah and it will always be a second home, California called me back and in 2004 we moved back home.

After moving back home we would be blessed with three amazing children. Being a mother has given me one of life’s greatest gifts and challenges. I really have my children to thank for my photography business. It was when they were very little that I no longer found the patience to take them to big box store photo sessions and instead decided to pick up the camera and just take their photos myself! I also have two bonus daughters (ok nieces) who I have had the honor of watching grow along side my own kids.

Now that my kids are older (10, 12 and 15) I have found more time to explore other passions and mediums of art. I have started a small side hustle with paintings, logo design and other small jobs. While photography and art are my passion, I also am a licensed real estate agent, loan officer and substitute teacher. I guess I’m a Jane of all trades.

I am so excited that I have continued to be able to grow in my photography and this year I celebrated 10 years in business. Never in a million years would I believe that I would have the opportunity to meet so many amazing people through photography. Family session, engagements, weddings and more, being called for each of life’s moments is truly and honor.

I have committed myself this year to continuing to grow my business and craft. I cannot wait to learn from my peers at conferences and retreats and turn that knowledge into more amazing photos for you. But mostly I am so excited to be able to continue to do what I love and get to know you as you get to know me a little better!

So thank you for taking the time to listen to a little about myself and where I come from. It means the world to me!



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