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Casey and Sam – Rainy Day Wedding

August 17, 2019

Growing up in her childhood home, Casey loved her backyard. Situated in Sacramento, her backyard consisted of fields, fences and plenty of room to run. So when she got engaged to Sam, they knew the perfect place to tie the knot; her childhood home. It was perfect, plenty of room for friends and family and to have the biggest party. Family had spent a year getting it ready for their big day, the seats were set for the ceremony , dance floor prepped, they had all their bases covered and planned to a tee. That is of course until mother nature threw a curve ball at them. Rain. Yes, rain. In the middle of what was a pretty dry and warm May. The only Saturday it rained in May was on their big day.

Calm and collected, Casey didn’t let the rain phase her one bit. She still had a smile from ear to ear. Maybe it’s the fact she is a nurse, and it takes a lot to shake those heros, but I was so impressed how well she and the rest of her family handled the down pour and banded together to make it work.

After moving the ceremony and all essential items under a the big tent, the day was on it’s way.

Casey and Sam said their personal vows and I do’s in front of 150+ guests all snuggled up, trying to keep dry (their eyes that is..) and before we knew it, it was time to party. Just as the couple took to the floor for their first dance the skies cleared and it was nothing but fun from there on out.



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