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Elopements – Getting down to the real reason.

September 21, 2020

Ok, so 2020…whew. Am I right? I mean, at this point I’m pretty sure that 2020 is the newest 4 letter word. This year has been a challenge for everyone and on so many different levels. From one disappointment to the next it’s been a hard row to hoe, BUT… It’s allowed us to reconnect with people and ourselves and revaluate what is really important in life. And if you really stop and think about it, maybe that’s a blessing in disguise?
Ok, maybe I’m a silver linings kind of girl too, but 2020 as it relates to me and my business, I have found a new love. I love weddings. I love big celebrations of love. I love big guest counts and huge bridal parties. But I also now REALLY REALLY love small. I love small moments between just the two people committing their lives together in a very small intimate way. I love small guest counts, I love the calm of it all. I love the getting back to basics of it all.
From the coast to the mountains and beyond, I am inspired to capture some amazing photographs with some adventurous couples and in doing so, I will be putting into practice a new passion of mine; Leave No Trace.
As photographers we are often too caught up in getting the shot, but we have historically failed to recognize what impact that has played on our environment. Before social media we could take an epic photograph, but not a lot of eyes would land on it. After social media, we can inspire millions of eyes to want that same photo, and it then in turn those eyes are visiting the same locations, causing a strain on it’s infrastructure. Not only can the location no longer sustain the amount of visitors, the footprint left behind by them is just as destructive. Garbage, cars, off trail explorers….
But what do you do? You don’t want to stop visiting these places, sharing their beauty. You don’t want to stop being able to do so by the parks themselves, and you don’t want to keep it from others. What you are able to do is subscribe to the philosophy of Leave No Trace. A promise to adhere to the 7 principles which if you stop and think about it, are pretty common sense.
  1. Plan and Prepare
  2. Travel – Camp on Durable Surfaces
  3. Proper Disposal of Waste
  4. Leave what you Find
  5. Minimize Camp Fire Impact
  6. Respect Wildlife
  7. Be Considerate
If you want to know more about Leave No Trace and the global movement to keep our National Parks open and accessible to adventurous couples and photographers, you can check it out here:
So while 2020 has been a roller coaster to say the least, let’s all take a moment to regroup, refocus and recommit to each other, to adventure and to this amazing world!


  1. Kaci says:

    Your photos are so amazing! 2020 is the newest four-letter word lol. It has been a year of clarity for me, stripping out all the unnecessary stuff and focusing on what really matters.

  2. kaely says:

    A lot of great things to consider!! It’s definitely been a YEAR. But seeing this definitely reminds me that better days are to come!

  3. Liv says:

    Love how you added the leave no trace principles in here!! And your images are seriously so gorgeous!! I’m in love!!

  4. Traci says:

    Classic! I love back to the basics we all need it!

  5. Clarissa says:

    Such an important message as we’re all getting out in nature more these days! Love your work too!

  6. abbi hearne says:

    Ah this is such a great post! I totally agree!

  7. Sarah Davis says:

    Such important info! Thank you so much for sharing!

  8. Ethan says:

    Now more than ever we have to be advocates for this new wave/push of elopements nation wide. Great job integrating your work with going "back to the basics". Definitely sparked my own ideas! 🙂

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