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Engagement Sessions – And why you need one.

January 23, 2021


It’s your time to shine. The two of you. You’ve made it this far and there is nothing but opportunity ahead of you. So take a moment and celebrate that! Celebrate it in some amazing fashion that really shows off who you two are as a couple! What better way than an engagement photo session?

Not only do you get a day where it’s all about you two, but you get a chance to find out how you vibe with your photographer! There isn’t much more important than how you feel around your wedding photographer. After all, we’re everywhere on your big day. From getting ready to the grand exit I am there capturing it all. You’ll want to make sure you like me first!

For me, I love it because of that exactly. I get to know you two as a couple and you each individually. I pick up on how you interact with each other. If you’re silly or serious, if you’re down for adventure or want to keep it simple. It helps me know what to expect and how to be on your big day.


Good question with about 100 different answers. The easiest is basically what I tell all my clients. Wear what you’re comfortable in. Don’t stress about what you’re wearing to the point you don’t feel comfortable or are unsure about it on the day. If we go to the snow, something warm, maybe jeans and a cute sweater or long sleeve flannel. If we want more beachy, same thing, something that you feel comfortable in. Maybe a loose skirt or capris. We will chat about what would look best depending on where we pick for your session, so no fear. I got you.


Sure, you can go to the local park or even your own back yard, but where to go for your engagement session is actually a really important question. It’s more than just choosing a fun background, it’s about showing everyone your story and interests as a couple. Some of my favorite engagement sessions have incorporated the story of how my couples have met. One engagement session was even at the Sacramento International Airport! J.R and Brian started their relationship with miles between them. For a long time their dates would include picking each other up from the airport, so it was only natural to snap some engagement photos where it all began.

I am even happy to travel for your engagement location! A few years ago, one of my couples wanted their engagement session in San Diego at Balboa park, so what did I do? I packed my bags and we headed down! And honestly it was one of my favorite sessions! So don’t let the location of your engagement session overwhelm you, just jot some ideas down based on your hobbies, where you met and what you like to do together and we can get the perfect place!


When I got married a long long time ago, I too had an engagement session, but when I got the photos back, I wasn’t really sure what to do with them… Of course back then we didn’t have social media and cell phones were more brick than sleek, but I still wasn’t sure what to do. Nowadays it’s not even a question of where you can share them, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat…you name it, your followers will want to see your amazing photos. But there is even more you can do than just share your engagement photos. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Save the date cards – Is your wedding date pretty far in the future but want friends and family to make sure they don’t plan a trip or meeting that day? Engagement photos are great for save the date cards.

  2. Thank you cards – One of the best parts of your wedding is going to be the gifts! From blenders to place settings you’re going to want to send a thank you to your guests for their thoughtfulness. Many of my couples bring thank you signs to their engagement session and plan on using the photos for their thank you cards.

3. Guest books – If you want your guests to sign in on your big day, a guest book is a great way to use your engagement photos! Friends and family will love seeing your smiling mug as the enter your venue and sign their name.

4. Personalized gift/favors for your guests – Want to add a little extra personalization to your favors? Why not use your engagement photos? The options are plentiful! You can create wine labels, cookie packaging… you can print your photos on nearly anything!

5. Gifts for parents or grandparents – Let’s face it. Your mom or grandma is going to want a printed copy of your photos. Printing a copy of your engagement session for family makes for great gifts.

6. Seasonal Photos – You can use your photos for your holiday cards or even announcement cards! Since you’ll be all dressed up and looking your best, why not use them when people love getting things in the mail!           

There are just a few ideas for you to use your engagement photos for, but the possibilities are limitless!


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