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The Maples – Venue Spotlight

February 4, 2021

I have been shooting weddings for nearly 10 years, and that means I have been to hundreds of venues. While there are so many I absolutely adore for a variety of reasons, the one I have at the top of my list would hands down have to be The Maples in Woodland, Ca. Not only is the staff, (namely Brianna and Maddie,) the best and kindest around, the place itself is just stunning.

Why you may ask… ? Well the obvious answer would be in the images above… that tunnel of olive trees is to die for. It’s the quintessential wedding shot when you book the venue that you must have. But the olive tree tunnel isn’t where the amazingness of this venue stops.

The Maples has a STUNNING bridal suite. As a photographer I am just in love with this room. It’s not only large enough to hold a decent sized bridal party, but they have it painted in light colors, have multiple mirrors, all of which make my job super easy!

Ok, so you get it right? Gorgeous!! What about the men you may ask… yep, they have them covered too! In the grooms den they have a pool table and a lot to keep the boys busy while everyone gets ready! A lot of the time I will take the grooms upstairs and photograph them in the main room with the to die for lighting from the huge picture windows.

So we have the brides, the grooms and the tunnel view covered, but we’re not done yet! There are more amazing locations around the venue to capture your big day. More than I can probably list, but here are a few:

  1. The Tree – many of my couples have chosen this location to say their I do’s.

2. The Pool – From first dance to bridal party photos, the pool is one of the best spots to get some great shots! And behind the pool is an amazing spot to have your guests enjoy some appetizers while we get them!

3. The Front of the House – this 1950’s Santa Fe style home is a must for any couple for photos.

4. The Barn – Guys, …. I mean…. come on. Wood, cactus, lawn…yes please!

5. And the last but not least… THE REST OF IT! There are honestly too many locations to name here, so here’s a quick montage of a few others you’ll just have to check out for yourself.

So what are you waiting for? The Maples is just waiting for you to reach out and book your big day!

Just check out how to get ahold of them below!
(530) 379-3681

40162 Best Ranch Rd
Woodland, CA 95776

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