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March 12, 2020


Nothing goes according to plan…

That’s just the way life goes isn’t it? You can plan and organize and schedule out your big day, but odds are.. something goes amiss. Your florist gets lost. Your DJ didn’t get the updated playlist for the dance. You lose your rings (yes this has happened). It starts raining. Whatever it is about your big day that goes wrong, from small to large… wouldn’t it be nice to have someone who would deal with it for you? So you can focus on the things going right…namely YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED!

*Insert Coordinator**…. your florist is back on track, your DJ gets forwarded the email again with the right playlist, your rings are retrieved and a popup tent has shown up to cover your guests from the rain. It’s like your own fairy god mother/father waived their wand, chanted bippidy, boppidy boop and just like that, your day is back on track.

Ok, that might sound a little like a fantasy, but in all’s not. Having a coordinator to keep your day on track and keep your stress level at a minimum is not only worth it’s weight in gold to you…but also to your other vendors! That’s right. We LOVE coordinators. All of us. From photographers to DJ’s to the venues! It helps us all get on the same page and make sure your big day is exactly how you envisioned it. It gives us the opportunity to provide you the best service for which you hired us for.

Wedding planners and coordinators will help guide you from your first question to your grand exit at the end of your big day. They are the go to person for referrals as well! Great coordinators have numerous relationships with other wedding professionals and can give you first hand reviews of vendors. Whether you need a coordinator for the whole process or just for the day of, they can be super affordable and completely invaluable.

Ok, so that’s enough of why they’re good for you…let me get a little selfish here. Why do I love coordinators? Because they make my life sooo much easier and in turn make your photos that much better. Coordinators have a timeline. They have organization. They know when and where Aunt June and Uncle Joe need to be for photos after the ceremony. That way I’m not asking who’s missing, where are they, sending another person to go find them, and there by delaying your photos, causing you stress that your guests are waiting too long, and end up skipping some of your portraits as a newly wed couple…… trust me. It happens.

You hire me to capture your day as you remember it and even as you don’t remember it so you can relive one of the biggest moments of your life. I can’t do that if I’m chasing down family or working with the DJ on timing. You want sunset photos? Great…I love sunset photos.. but if everything has run late and you’re knee deep in speeches, the last thing you’re going to want me to do is stop the flow of the evening and pull you away for those sunset photos. I wish I could control the setting of the sun, but alas, it is not one of my super powers.

And let’s be honest…having me chase people down and coordinate timing and all that jazz is not something you hired me to do and frankly, I hate doing it. I really do. So when I know my couples have gotten an amazing coordinator on their side… I be like..

So do yourself and all your vendors (including yours truly) a favor and consider getting a coordinator for your wedding planning and day. There are a lot of great ones out there, of course I have my few I love to work with and would be happy to share those with you!



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