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You’re engaged. now what?

Yay! First of all. Yay for you, Yay for love, Yay for being here with me! I absolutely adore what I do. It doesn’t matter if it is my 1st or 400th wedding, I get choked up witnessing the love between two people and the friends and family there to celebrate it with them! Once you have the ring, the date and the venue, you’ll want to secure a photographer. Most photographers (myself included) book out up to 18 months in the future. I know, crazy right?

what to expect from your wedding photographer

When picking a wedding photographer the most important, let me repeat that for you, the MOST important thing is to make sure you vibe first and foremost. If you vibe with your photographer you can count on having a blast at your wedding and getting images that you’ll cherish for the rest of your lives. It’s imperative that your photographer is there for you, not for them. There to get the images and capture the YOUR day. Not capture images for their portfolio. Once you find a photographer that matches your style, you’re off to a great start!

what is the next step?

Now that you’ve found your photographer BFF, you’ll want to secure your date with them. I have a contract you can easily sign online. I’m not one for a lot of paperwork so I do all of my business online, making it easy to make payments, get recommendations and ask any questions.


Yesssss please! I love to travel and I love to travel wherever my couples take me! Since destination weddings are their own beautiful beasts, shoot me an email to chat about pricing and package options!

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