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you ever have those moments when…

you leave a meeting where you had no questions, but then on the drive home about a million questions pop into your head? Yeah, me too. But no fears. I have a lot of them here for you! If we’ve met and you’ve forgotten, or you’re just here browsing, here are some of the top questions you should ask your wedding photographer, straight from The Knot website…

  1. What style(s) do you specialize in?

    Well, if I had to pick a style, I woulds say I specialize in natural portraiture and candid photography. Sure, everyone has a grandma or two who wants the formal posed pictures, which I have no problem snagging, but I find the most emotion comes across when things are left to develop naturally on their own.

  2. Will the photos be retouched/color balanced before I see the proofs?

    Yes. All images of quality will be adjusted for color and exposure and to match my editorial style. One thing to note, when editing, I have calibrated my monitors to specific levels for true color output. Images may appear differently depending on what device they’re looked at on.

  3. How many weddings have you shot and how many do you do a year?

    I have been shooting weddings for 7 years now and while I haven’t counted the exact number, I would estimate it would be between 150-175 thus far. On average I shoot between 15-20 weddings a year.

  4. What is your favorite part of the wedding day, and favorite time of year to shoot?

    My favorite part of the wedding day would have to be the couple portraits after the ceremony. Once the getting ready has been done, and the I do’s have been said, the couple relaxes and really begins to enjoy their day, and that is when they let their guard down. As far as favorite time to shoot? I love Fall weddings. Any time in October is hands down my fav!

  5. What exactly is included in your packages?

    All of my packages can be found under the “investment” tab, and they each spell out what is provided.

  6. How many images do you deliver on a typical wedding?

    You can expect to have between 60-100 images per hour of coverage. Usually it is more around the 100 mark.

  7. How much do you require for a deposit?

    I ask for 25% of the total balance to hold your day.

  8. Do you have back up photographers who will shoot the wedding if you are sick?

    Knock on wood, this has never happened, however life does have a way of happening. So yes, I work with a network of photographers who are back ups for each other in the off chance one of us are not able to attend.

  9. How long after the wedding do we get to see our photos?

    I will provide to you a sneak peek within a few days of your wedding, but final images and galleries will be delivered 3-4 weeks after the wedding.

  10. Will you coordinate with my videographer and how do you envision working together ?

    Absolutely. It is of the highest priority that your day go off without a hitch and that means working side by side with all of your vendors. In the past I have worked with videographers to make sure your day is captured accurately. We many times shadow the other to gather shots and to collaborate on others.

  11. How many weddings do you do a weekend?

    Typically I only shoot one wedding a weekend, but have had a few weekends where I shot one each day.

  12. Have you ever shot my venue before ?

    I have shot in hundreds of venues, so the odds are yes. But I am always up for shooting new venues and locations!

  13. Will you follow a shot list? Or do you prefer to have free reign to capture the days festivies as they unfold?

    Both. I do follow a shot list for those “must haves” and family photo groupings. Past that, as I have shot weddings, I know what to capture and when to capture it.

  14. Do you provide albums or prints?

    In a few of my packages, albums are included. I do however have a professional lab that you are able to order additional prints and albums from.

  15. Do you bring your own lighting?


  16. What will you wear?

    I typically wear black, I try and be the ninja in the background and very unassuming.



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